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What We (Biden) Left Behind

First of all this list is not complete. The (GAO) Government Accounting Office has requested that the information that has been leaked be kept out of the press. The Biden Administration is trying to contain the worst disaster in our military history. Here is a partial list ( all of tiis equipment is operational) :

75,989 vehicles, 2,000 of them armored.

45 Black Hawk Helicopters

50 Scout Attack Helicopters

Military Drones (quantity not know at this time) includes top secret technology

30 Military Cessna Aircraft

4 C-130 Military Transports

29 A-29 Super Ground Attack Aircraft

Heavy Equipment (Bull Dozers, Backhoes, Dump Trucks, etc. (quantity unknown) currently being used to build roads to access point to attack Afghan Government Forces

A total of 208 working Aircraft.

Other Gifts to the Taliban :

61,000 M-203 rounds for a Grenade Launcher

20,000 Hand Grenades

Howitzers unknow quantity or caliber

Mortars quantity or caliber

162,000 pieces of encrypted military communication gear (some top secret)

16,000 pairs of top of the line night vision goggles

Newest technology night vision scopes unknown quantity

Thermal goggles unknown quantity

10,000 2.75 inch air to ground rockets

Top of the line reconnaissance equipment quantity unknow

Laser aiming equipment quantity unknow

Tons of high explosives (C-4, Semtex, detonators of all kinds, Shape Charges, Thermite and Incendiary of all types, quantity unknow

2,500 Bombs

Administration encrypted cell phones quantity unknown

Pallets of Millions of American Dollars

Ammunition :

20,150,600 NATO 7.62mm (.306 Win)

9,000 rounds of .50 cal.

No count of NATO 5.56mm because there was probably to much to count

Large stacks of body armor

This list may never be complete because the Biden Administration is all it can to cover up the give away.


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