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The Democratic spending spree is over and the bill is about to come due. The Democratic party is ready to push through a 500 billion tax bill on top of the 60 billion they have all ready slipped through. This means they are now going to take back the Covid-19 money they gave you and more. This tax will not only take money out of your pocket but kill more jobs. The bill will also force states to ignore immigrant status for every thing including voting. It will make permanent the mail in votes, no ID needed to vote and vote harvesting "creating votes". Also each congressman will get 5 million dollars of your money to go to his re-election campaigns. There are 535 congressmen eligible for 5 million each. Do the math. D.C. will be allowed to vote in congressional elections.

They know that D.C. will vote Democratic and they intend to do this with out a bill to vote. D.C. will be a de facto state with out a vote.

The Democrats have run ruff shod over every thing America and the Constitution stand for. They let illegal Democratic voters flood across the border and then blame Trump. They are doing nothing more than buying votes with your money. They can't take care of the homeless or veterans or even our own poor but they can fine billions to bring Mexicans to the US to vote for them. Inflation is about to kick our ass. You can't keep giving away federal money and not de-value it. Every dollar they give makes your dollar worth less. That is a economic fact.

I have been slow at posting because there is so much to post on the about the damage these stupid people are doing to this country and it is being kept from us. I have a folder two inches thick on the crap they have done or are getting ready to do.

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