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The new Democratic Party " not the Democratic Party of our parents and our childhood" has brough up the need to "modernize the US Constitution. This is the constitution that has served our country fro almost 250 years. The same constitution that has made this country a world leader for almost as long. Why do the Democrats want to "modernize" the constitution ? The reason is that the constitution was written to limit the size and power of the Federal Government. Our founding fathers were smart enough to know, even 205 years ago, that power breeds corruption and greed. Our constitution was written to fight this, to keep the Federal Government from growing out of control and taking control of the lives of the American people. The Democratic Party is in love with big government so you can see the problem they have with the US constitution. Right now they can't rewrite the constitution so they must "while they are in power" pass laws that sidestep or out and out violate the US Constitution. The Supreme Court will have the last say on the new laws hence the attempt to pack the court with liberal judges. One of the many laws they will try to pass is H.R.1 "FOR THE PEOPLE ACT"' nice name don't you think. This bill in all of its words and side issues simply takes control of Federal elections from the states and gives it to the federal government. This is forbidden by the US Constitution. The "FOR THE PEOPLE ACT" should be call "THE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ACT".

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