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When I started this web sight it was mostly to write of some of the fears i have about the direction this country is goin in the hands of the now radical Democratic Party. I knew few or no one would read it, but that was alright, at least I got it off my mind. I did not realize how hard it would be to write a article and post it. I don't no were they go when I post them on FB or Twitter. For all I know they are just shit canned because of their attack on the First Amendment and silencing of views that differ from their own.

The problem is not what you would think, finding stories to write about, do a little research and fact check with my limited resources I have, etc. But the problem has been the overwhelming amount of material that is available about the disaster Biden and his crew are bring on this country. They are like a child with a new toy they can't figure out so they throw it. kick it and stomp on it and then when it is broke they blame it on someone else. It is unbelievable the amount of crap they are pulling.

We have a president that is a pathological liar, a complete idiot or both. A VP which is for sure both with apparently a history in Cal. as a "call girl", Nancy who is bat shit crazy and looks to have a problem with alcohol, there big Al Gore a total idiot who could not even carry his on state when he ran for office, John Kerry another Democrat who lost his bit for office when his fake military career came to light in a book Called "Unfit to Command", it should have been called "Lost Honor and Valor". With all the soldiers being wounded and dying in Vietnam how could any man with an ounce of honor give himself three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star to help his political career and be sent home because of the three Purple Hearts. He should have been court martialed and give a dishonorable discharge and not allowed to hold any public office even dog catcher, this list go on of the people Biden has brought in to govern us.

Some people seem to be catching on to what is happening. A poll just released by NewsMaxTV shows that 99% of the peopled disapprove of Biden's actions. There is always hope, but he or his crew when he is gone have three plus more years to do more damage

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