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During the 2020 campaign, the Biden team and Biden himself promised not to take any cash from lobbyist. However lets take a look at the facts. Biden and his allies took cash from a top RUSSIAN LOBBYIST in 2020, a registered foreign agent. A few months later Biden dropped the sanctions against the Russian oil pipe line going to Germany. These were the sanctions put in place by President Trump. Think about that, it is ok to shut down a pipe line in the US and approve of one going to Europe that will give Russia a massive say so in Europe over heating their homes in the winter. The Biden team took $4,000 dollars from the Russian agent and another $10,000 dollars was given to a leftist group that supported Biden. The Russian pipe line finances are controlled by a X German Stasi officer. If you don't remember, The Stasi was the East German secret service during the cold war. This particular officer is a close friend of VLADIMIR PUTIN. The East German Stasi has a worse reputation than the Russian KGB. All this would have been a big secret except for an investigative reporter for the Post who found it and the Post reported it. Of course the Democratic Party and Biden denied any knowledge of this at the time and gave the money back. Makes you wonder what else we don't know. This may have the time when the Democratic Party and the media decided to frame Trump for collusion with the Russians with an unknown whistle blower, an unseen document and a supposed phone call heard from one side. All this turned out to be false but the media has done a good job of covering it up and many Democrats still believe it is true. There will be a new definition of hypocrisy in the dictionary as soon as they can decide on which example they can use of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

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