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1) The US Commerce Dept. under Biden is putting US national security at risk by giving away sensitive technology to China, A new report due out by the US Congressional Advisory Board says the Commerce Dept. is supposed to be looking out for national security by preventing sensitive technology from fall into the hands of the Chinese military. Makes sense for Biden when you think about it. Why should a friend of Bidens and the left have to steal what they can buy from their friends ???

2) Ken Caccinelli, formed acting deputy Secretary for Homeland Security is ripping the Democrats a new one for manufacturing a lie about wide spread voter suppression in order to pass a bill to allow the federal government a takeover of elections. This was tried in the last congress as bill HR 4 (John Lewis voting bill), but it failed to pass. Now Nancy Pelosi is pushing for a new bill HR ! (for the people act). First of all this bill is not for the people, it is for the Democratic Party Act. It has to major problems they hope to avoid by passing it quickly before the people find out what this bill really is. One , it violated the US Constitution which gives states the right to control elections not the federal government. The new hidden law gives the federal government the right of "preclearance".

which means the states must get federal permission for any changes in elections no matter how small. This has been covered up by the Democrats and the media. If this passes, all the crap you saw in the last election will become law plus more crap added to the bill. This is why they are still counting votes in some stated after over 100 days.

3) Democrats will be passing for a cashless currency like in China. It will be call somethin like a Federal Digital Wallet. Basically it will be a federal debit card. This law was hidden in the lasr $2 trillion stimulus bill by Nancy Pelosi but was pulled at the last minute because she left something out, (and you wonder why the nasty Republicans held up this bill). These federal accounts will hold "ALL" your money because cash can no longer be used. This is what is going on in China as I write this. Every transaction will be monitored by the federal government and if they don't like what you are doing your will reject or hold up your payment. Think what this would mean to the radicals in power. They could claim health issues for you and control what you buy at the store, the anti gun nuts could stop or delay your rights to shop at a sporting goods store if you wanted ammo and in time put them all out of business. Their is one really big issue I see with this law. At any given time there is about $7 trillion dollars in American accounts that technically inactive. By this I mean your savings, checking, retirement and other account you are not using right then. The Democates see this as a fund they can borrow from and "pay back latter" and you will never miss it. This will be like other funds they have used this way like Social Security and the Highway and Roads funds. These are now bankrupt for all practical purposes and being paid from current tax dollars. Your money will be used to pay for unfunded federal project like welfare programs that they are afraid to increase taxes for like health care, housing, education, Social Security and other things for illegal aliens. What they get out of this is votes for more freebies.

4) US inflation is expected to rise in June (no s**t). The June survey of economist forecasters have raised their estimate for the consumer index. Gas, food, energy and everything is going up more. Thanks Joe.


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