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America has made a horrible mistake in turning over the entire government to the Democratic Party.

You can't blame Georgia for this because each state had the opportunity to put in place the checks and balance we need. I personally blame the Republican Party for being weak and unresponsive to conservatism. The Democratic Party has been radicalized and all will suffer for this. What does Democratic Dominance mean:

Add Washington D.C. and Puerto as states to add to the Democratic total in the House and Senate. This is the only reason for this they could care less otherwise.

Abolish the Electoral College so large cities controlled by Democrats will control the federal government and states with small populations will lose any say so in federal government. Our founding fathers put the Electoral College in place to keep this from happening. If this happens then cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans and the state of California will control your life. These are Democratic strong holds and in decay.

Change civics education in K-12 to what they call "Action Civics". Action Civics has nothing to do with civics but is only a means to indoctrinate young people into Socialism. This form of "civics is backed by Ivy League Socialist centers that want to spread their leftist civics. Action civics requires young people to be involved in protest as part of their grade and home work. Action requires students to find fault in their country, to blame America solely for slavery With no accounting for China, West Africa, Europe, India or any other part of the world and no mention of slavery today in China. They will learn to blame America for climate change, the rest of the world including China who is the worlds biggest user of coal don't even get an honorable mention.

Reduce the voting age to 16 or 17. This will give them the chance to use their newly created leftist from the schools to bring down America.

They will teach the Constitution as a flawed document that needs to be updated to their leftist beliefs.

Teach all their perceived benefits of Socialism with out pointing out is failure of Socialism world wide.

I could go on about this for another two pages but by now you should get the ides of what you are facing. This will all begin with the Biden Department of Education withholding federal money while enforcing regulations on Red States requiring the use of :Action Civics" backed by Leftist Socialist centers most with fancy names to cover their true identity.

You can expect a poor economy because of higher taxes. The Democrats have never learned that high tax take money out of the economy. They believe that the government can create jobs by taking your money and giving it away. Any jobs created by the government are to support a growing government. These jobs do not add to the G.N.P. so they have no value for the economy.

Less money in the economy means less money to create more jobs.

Your health care cost are going to go up. I don't care what the Democrats say. There is no such thing as free health care. Some one is paying for it. If it is free it is worthless. Why do you thing so many people in Canada come to the U.S. for health care. It is free in Canada if you can get it. A lot of people in Canada carry private health care insurance which is taxable if they find out about it.

Hang on people Joe Biden and his handlers are just getting started.

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