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Biden Thinks Iran Should have Nukes.

94% of Americans polled think Iran should not have nukes. The Biden administration thinks it is ok. President Trump agreed with America that it was a bad idea to allow Iran to develop nukes. Why would any sane person think that mad men with nukes is ok. Do you not think Israel will defend itself. If Iran uses a nuke Israel will turn Iran into a glowing spot in the desert. This beside starting a war would drive the world into a recession like no other. Israel is the only friend we have in this area and Biden's people are turning their backs on them to appease terrorist. If Iran has nukes do you not think they will sale them to other terrorist nations. Nuclear power has been in the hands of reasonably sane nations and in control. What happens when crazy people get them. This was one of the stupidest things this country was to inter into an agreement that allows Iran to develop nukes. I wonder who got paid off for this in the Democratic party

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