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Coca-Cola thinks so, how else could you justify the assault on its white employees. In my opinion after over 40 years of working in manufacturing as a engineer and a manager, this strikes me as creating a hostile work environment. If this were how to be less black they would be covered up with lawsuits by lunch time. Hostile work environment lawsuits has become a lucrative cottage industry over the years. I have racked my brain trying to figure out what they though the out come of this would be. What idiot executive at Coca-Cola though this would be a positive out come. After looking at some of the course material I think the company that put this on for Coca-Coca had to be from some European company that has been saturated with socialism for so long that they hate white people even though they are white. Lets look at some of the course. How should they be less white.

Be less oppressive. This implies that all white people are oppressive or at least all white Coca-Cola employees.

Be less arrogant. Are all white arrogant or just Coca-Cola employees. Are there no arrogant people of color ?

Be less certain. I don't even know what this means I am certain of that.

Be less defenses. Does this mean we should not be defenses when accused of things we are certain we are not guilty of. we should assume we are guilty because we are white.

Be less ignorant. Less ignorant of what. I guess I am ignorant because I don't know what I am ignorant of. I think this pertains to my ignorance of the great value of socialism.

Be humble.

Listen. I guess this means to listen to this drivel

Believe. I guess this means to believe this drivel

Break with apathy. Finally something I understand and agree with. White people should break with the apathic (silent majority) and speak up. Do something to stop the damage that is being done to America under the guise that we are bad and need to move to the idea that everyone should have the same outcome in life, even though some people are smart and some are not, some people work hard some don't, some people work to improve their lives some don't and some people refuse to be a victim others that how they try to get ahead in life as a victim. Our country guarantees equal opportunity bet not equal out come. The out come is up to you.

Break with white solidarity. There is no such think as white solidarity. the white people in this country have been fighting each other for over 200 years. We fight over politics. healthcare, taxes, Dems./Rep, and the big one slavery which cost this country over 600,000 lives. Only an idiot would think white people have any kind of useful solidarity. We have many groups that band together but these groups are always at odds with each other. Even members of the same religion fight and break up and form a new branch based on their differences.

In summery I still can't see what good Coca-Coal saw in this. Were the pandering to Black Americans because they think they drink to much Pepsi ? Do they really think there are degrees of whiteness, or are they just race batting hoping to get Al Sharpton to hold a rally against people that are to white.

All I can say is there will be Pepsi in my bourbon from now on.

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